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Yana out, among others?

this is your first post and you’re telling people to shut up.

welcome to the community.

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I agree with Palak84, there comes a time when most start-ups switch out their CEO and will bring in new Leadership. This makes sense since the needs of the business change. My concern is the timing of all this. Why now? Why not open EU and then make the switch? Why not open more countries? From the outside it looks like Tenx is stumbling while other companies are moving forward. I hope it looks different from the inside.


Looks like TenX is looking for someone to buy them up. Leadership taking the easy way out.

this is what we (the community) have been talking for over 2 years.
and you guys told us we should stop thinking about it, everything is fine.


Ok guys,

i´m in the TenX boat since August 2017. I listened to Julians podcast and was fixed by the mood and the spirit of the company. Now, almost three years later, things turned completely. For most of the time i remained silent but enough is enough.

  • Julian left / fired? OK that was bad but lets look forward.
  • TenX Token distribution? Forum AMA disaster? What a shit but lets move on.
  • Then - hurray - i got my card in March and it felt like the end of a long journey. :slight_smile:

And now - another shitload of bad rumours and no clarification - as always. Please make an official statement now or i´m outta here. Two days ago i moved my BTC from the TenX Wallet because i lost my trust in the app and the company. Next week i throw my card into the shredder and try CDC or Bitwala. Dammit.

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Selling and handing over the company to another exec team is just a very soft exit scam imo. No guarantees for the company tokens, implementation etc…

Let’s say hypothetically some guys from Litecoin are willing to take over, and pay the management team a good sum for that. Toby and co can then slowly pull out and ignore the community completely without repercussions. Litecoin team would (obviously) focus more on LTC integration rather than PAY/TENX and who could blame them. Meanwhile Toby can go retire of the money he made on the sale of a company that the community funded.

Not saying that’s what’s going to happen, but if we get 0 info from TENX except NDA all we can do is make an (educated) guess.



that sums it all up yeah :sweat_smile:


Yana herself posted this article:

interestig, indeed.

So Thomas, is Toby still the CEO and will he stay CEO?

Seriously … Do you think Thomas will answer you?
Stop dreaming please …

I don’t think so. If yes they would have clarified that immediately. Something big is happening

I heard a fly fart too … We cannot force TenX to give us an answer … So wait and see …

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This article sheds a bit more light @n.1 , especially this sentence:

Just earlier last week there was a day when I felt both totally overwhelmed and desperately wanting to punch a few faces.

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https://block-builders.de/tenx-in-der-krise-entlassungen-geht-der-ceo-von-bord/ it’s in German but yeah I really can sign the last sentence from him … the Communication is really Bad from TenX

Betteridge’s law of headlines: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no”.
wait for it…

Yana has done a lot for TenX. But she also supervised other projects. And wanted to create a public presence for herself. TenX wants someone who only works for the company 100 percent. Now that the E-Monay license is in place, TenX can of course approach things more comfortably. But Yana won’t let herself be pushed into a corner like that.

Why don’t you go to Crypto.com ? Sell your cryptos and stop to wait like a dog … If Tenx dies or go to the moon … we cannot do something … We have no power … Just wait, pray and see or get away.
Maybe, you are not happy if you read that but it’s the truth …

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Although I have been in this space since 2017 and I find the technology fascinating, I have no desire to trade, exchange or lend the cryptos. I prefer to use the precious time for my projects. But what I am interested in is paying with cryptos. And by that I don’t mean that when I stand in front of the cashier’s desk I first have to open my app and exchange BTC for fiat money. Instead I want to pay directly and quickly with cryptos, with the lowest possible fees. What I find best is to have a currency, in this case PAY, where you can influence the value of this currency with your actions. Of course, this is not possible at the moment. But, if you could pay with PAY in the future, I would use this possibility. And I wouldn’t care about fees in this case. Unfortunately I don’t have the TenX card yet. This will take a while.
Of course TenX has very big internal problems. There is no denying that. If TenX really goes bankrupt or the company doesn’t offer support for PAY, then I’m out of this space as well. And I will probably not come back until cryptos and blockchain technology is used in everyday life.