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Yana out, among others?


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What about this here? this German (hopefully) FUD says Tobi is no longer CEO, most of employees got fired and the exit scam is going into the last stage…

can you clear it up Thomas? thx

@Narmandi If you keep being just here to spreading negativity and FUD I have to step in. We hardly delete, and of course, we delete FUD. There is no reason to waste your time like this people

Please guys just wait till we are gonna say, something official. And no it is nothing bad. Every time this kindergarten started by these people for no reason.

Yana leaving is pretty bad though.

Her position and tasks will change, that’s not directly leaving. Just wait till we say something.


Damaging rumors of this kind should be dispelled immediately, to keep the worries small. Some of us are holders you know. Why the wait? Press release after the weekend?

NDA’s etc.

I do hope the explanation coming will be more than ‘can’t talk about it - NDA’ like it was with Julian’s departure. Pretty curious though, so don’t leave me hanging :wink:


It is what it is…#meme

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it really never stops.
when will you guys realize it is YOUR strategy what concerns people?
every time you make a move it raises more questions than answers, and you wonder about responses like that?

FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt. that’s what it means, and every user and ICO participant has reason for being fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the future of tenx and the tokens.


so I’m gonna be honest and say what the problem is. So back to OneBit, before TenX and before 2017 . Toby, Paul and Michael developed a way to make payments directly with Bitcoin. The product worked, but it wasn’t ready. In 2017 our clown joined the group. With a very specific goal. To promote TenX and raise money for the start-up. What was their motto? We already have a working product. We just want to scale up. And now we know that the clown informed us about cryptos - good work - but at the same time sold us a product that still has to be developed. The product was not ready in 2017.
I am also a PAY- Token Holder since the beginning. But my honesty does not allow me to remain silent about such issues.
Well, I think we should let whatever happened in the past. TenX has once again the opportunity, as a company with great potential. But that would mean that Toby would speak openly in the first place, that he stands behind comunity and hodler. That he is caring about the company. And that he will do everything to make the company successful.
Look at the little crypto bank Bitwala. I used its service. It is far from being on the required level. But guys, they’ve built a community and already have 50k customers. And they’ve built everythink from scratch and haven’t been in this market that long.
By comparison, TenX should have a community of one million now.


I have read all post, is there anything to know about the tenx company? Is to insider for me. (NDA?) What is a officiel statement? In any company the employee will change?

when statement ?


When statement?


Still no information after days of rumors? …

How would you feel with our informations?

I mean isnt it a little bit strange that TenX delete the
“Employee”-Page and directly after that some rumors come up that TenX kicked out a hugh amount of these Employees?

For me it is not the problem that this happened (you will have your reasons for that) … its AGAIN the failed communication in my point of view!

We dont getting any informations … or the bigger problem -> we get this information about second sources that also FuD this informations!

After the extreme failed TenX-Token communication you said you will change something…you do nothing!

Dont troll the token-holders again (as you always did in the past)

P.S. Yeah i only wanted to read but bro i still have some tenx-tokens left so… iam not able to only read … and yeah iam very “negative” but there is nothing you did in communication that is “positive” for me



@Narmandiand @all check out the newest Glassdoor entry. It seems like Toby quit and many other employees are also about to.

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I agree an explanation is in order, sooner rather than later.


I try really to stay constructive but at the current information &FUD what is going on i am really getting uncomfortable to have PAY Token and to have Tokens on the TenX app… so i hope we get some information NOW!


Thank you for your comments guys. We understand that there is concern around TenX’s organisational changes. At this point in time, we do not have an update to share publicly. The community will be the first to know, should there be any changes. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

wtf is happening?