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Xpub api csv tax

Can I have the xpub for my tenx BTC wallet I must have for tax. To integrate in my tax app because tenx have no csv or api connection. Did I am the alone one to ask this? What are you doing? I ask this several thimes so you do not offer a api or csv. I will ask for xpub!

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Perhaps you can not understand me, if I sell crypto with the card I must show this in my tax report this is the law in every EU country. So tenx will offer now a pdf with the transaction, this is not very useful I must do my own report. There are a lot of apps for tax report but they use a csv file import. When I have the xpub of my coins in tenx or a API I can do my tax report automaticaly. Or tenx do offer in the future this service for a tax report by year. I can buy this service with PAY tokens.
(example for tax apps: Accointing/cointracking/delta/OSL/bitcoin suisse/cryptotax)
When tenx work with those apps or companies it will be also nice publicity on her webpage

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I know it’s an often requested feature and I will again draw internal attention to it, thanks for the feedback.

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Ok tenx must have a way to do this automaticaly, the best way is with a API.
If you whant that people use the card every day.

Still now not CSV or API.
I must do recall it is must have.
You must do something!
Not cool

I will push for this for the new app, no worries.


@Tenebrae And when would that be?