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Why people should use the TenX Card

Hello everyone,

Now when the TenX chat was completely replaced by the forum and discussions are more visible therefore, I want to discuss the use case the TenX Card has for revolutionary Bitcoin hodlers who want to hodl their coins as much as possible while staying away from the old monetary system. Two points why someone should use the TenX Card are because he likes the brand of TenX and because he wants to have the feeling of spending Bitcoin. Does someone see more reasons?

I think these are two big reasons and they also represent how to promote the TenX Card. “Join the revolution” is the right way from my point of view because hodlers are revolutionaries like this article describes:

I think most of us will know this article.

When you want to own all your money in form of BTC the TenX Card can be a option to stay able buying products with Visa even after becoming a full time and full engagend Bitcoiner who has joined the revolution to make BTC the global currency during the next years or decades.

Regardless if direct or with the help of the tenX card: When you spend BTC you have a different feeling when spending it: Since BTC ist the most scarce money in the World you will take more care about what is worth to spend your bitcoin for. This means you could profit from using the TenX card by improving your financial behavior. You will become more frugal.

So there are several advantages the TenX Card provides and which can help us promoting TenX:

  • being a hodler / revolutionary
  • hold more BTC and less fiat
  • do more without fiat currencies
  • have the feeling of spending bitcoin
  • take more care of your money and improve your financial situation

Of course there are much more possibilities when the TenX brand gets more popular and the PAY token gets utility. But this are the thoughts I had when thinking about how to explain someone else why he should use a TenX card from a logical point, or a crypto-creditcard at all. I think to clear up this is necessary. Especially when the referral system starts and we all can start to spread TenX.


I will use tenx to spent live with POS my crypto currency, tenx will have the lowest fee of all concurrence and I can buy fees with PAY token in the future.