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Why no Lightning?

Why hasn’t the TenX wallet implemented lighting yet?

Still no lightning, I just set up a lightning node. It’s pretty cool. Took a while to download the whole BTC history. Going to get a NODL and play with it. Why doesn’t TenX implement lightning like blue wallet?

No priority at the moment.

What are priorities at TenX?

EU Launch, improving our Token Economy, COMIT just to name a few.

“Spend your cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere” used to be make crypto spendable” lightning integration would actually help that cause.

I would love for you to expand on TenX’s priority on their token economy. Are you referring to PAY use cases? TenX Token liquidity? Token Value? Or How a token can be used to reward people within the TenX ecosystem (like earn 10 gold stars get a cookie type token economy)?

And COMIT has a separate team… right? I think COMIT will be great if it happens and gets adopted. Not sure how TenX is rewarded for COMIT and not sure it matters with current usage and dominance of tokens today. When BTC is the last man standing and only decentralized currency what’s the role of COMIT?

Knowing TenX’s history of regulatory shortfalls what will happen when TenX implements the ability to swap between any crypto with anyone? International KYC/AML issues?

How will ETH 2.0 effect TenX?

No responses?

It’s been a while and it’s not like this forum has a massive amount of users.

WOW team is working on improving Token Economy - i wonder what it means. After few monts of improving it still seems preaty dead.

TenX has a token??? What does it do? Lol.

Where’s the token economy improvement?