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When will TenX become profitable?

One of the most relevant questions for us investors and also for TenX is, when will TenX become profitable? In the meantime, this question seems to have fallen into oblivion. But as long as TenX “still” has enough money available, it should write this question down in large letters on a blackboard. Because imagine the situation, at some point, the money is just enough for one more year. Then it is already too late to take the necessary measures. You can see what has happened with Wirecard, for example. Therefore, to say that there is still enough money for a very long time, I find very negligent and very irresponsible. How can you imagine the work performance at TenX? Does the team work in a focused way on one project or does everyone work on their own small project? There are so many questions that TenX can answer in a report very detailed.


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