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What’s new: TenX app version 3.12.3

What’s new in the TenX app version 3.12.3?

:arrows_clockwise: Send crypto in fiat amounts
:envelope_with_arrow: More ways to share your wallet address
:dash: Quicker sign-ups for new users
:new: New navigation and icons

Sorry, so buggy. I’m glad I don’t have a card yet.
Even the solution with the white bar that hides the transactions is not the best choice.

What differentiates the TenX wallet from other multi currency wallets?

Cards? Nope, I can’t get one.
Funded by a useless token?
Lightning? Nope, doesn’t have it.
Just 3 crypto’s?
Custodian? Not your keys, not your crypto.
Integrated with anything else? Nope.

So TenX wallet is either wise or equal to other wallets

Can’t even use TenX’s own tokens (PAY or TenX) in its own wallet.

Native COMIT integration ? Maybe play with test net on the wallet?