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What is status?

How does TenX intend to make money with the help of COMIT?..like a running product powered by COMIT.

Any new partnerships made in 2020?

What is the growth rate in active TenX users?..like number of cards etc - week over week or month over month.

When is next transparency report expected to be published?

You may expect more from the COMIT team in a few months, but it remains a research team very focused on achieving the goal of being a protocol between different blockchains.

Depends on what you mean with partnerships :slight_smile:. We had a few publications on different platforms, on Twitter you can follow it well. Of course, there is more going on in the background, but I can’t say anything specific yet.

That is something we didn’t share for some time and we will only share milestones. Our marketing to acquire people is up and running, but there are still a few changes to the product to get fully started.

On the end of the month.


Comit can do swap PAY to ETH I have read this; is this true?