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What else does TenX expect us to discuss on this forum?

Back in 2018 it was expected to do EU expansion in Q1 or Q2 2019, starting with Germany and Austria. And now we’re still in the dark. When card.

Oh tenx Youtube channel is back?

Is this the official one?

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Had been nice to get some information from TenX about this. A lot of vids with Julian is missing :slight_smile:

they don’t have the information

@Tenebrae, Thomas, since when do you have the channel back? Great news! Are you planning to use the channel soon?

This new channel has been there for over a year.
But it’s not in use.

We are not using it since Youtube is pretty random with the bans on crypto channels, but yes this channel is from us.

TenX run such a effectiv social media campaign… why need youtube? /s xD

Well…there is no update after all, so why use youtube?