TenX Community Forum

What else does TenX expect us to discuss on this forum?

Most of our questions are just ignored or can’t even get a proper answer from the company

What is the point for this forum to exist?

To just chit chat like what we did on the rocket chat?

Really disappointed…since 2017


Hey Jiaye.
I would disagree with you that I ignore questions. Even though it is frustrating and I can understand this, it will take some time until our restructuring of the company shows first results. Until then I can answer fewer questions than usual. The forum is good to keep the communication going especially in this time, isn’t it?
If you show me exactly which questions I ignore and you think those should and can be answered, please feel free to post them here.


Hi Thomas,
Thx for the offer

  1. How long does this restructuring take (is it like 1 month 3month 6months or 1 year)

  2. when can we REALLY expect the roadmap including dates you are aiming for. This has been promised for soooooo long.

  3. Thomas be honest, you often feel with us that something is frustrating ( I am sure you are frustrated yourself) and does not go on but you should stand up for us at TenX and fight for information / communication or you should quit your job. You don’t want to be known as someone who has to lie to us to keep us calm…

Thx for your answers

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Hey @adam97070

  1. At the moment we aim for 3-4 months, but that can still change a lot depending on what we want or need to change, so we don’t say anything. Of course, I understand that “soon” is frustrating.
  2. When the basic structure and changed/new products are in place as mentioned above. We had a roadmap ready but there is no point in posting one that looks completely different in a few months and sets false expectations.
  3. I’m not lying and I will not. Obviously I cannot share everything. This is pretty normal for every company, also in the crypto space. If my job would be to keep you calm I would do a bad job at the moment :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
I think just knowing 3-4 months is still frustrating but at least a number!
And sry for my provocations about lying :smiley:


I totally agree with @adam97070 on his third point

And Thomas, what I want to know is the token use cases, that is the only and most important thing that we care about

Few years passed and still cannot hear anything about it

I know maybe it’s due to regulations or whatever compliance problem
But what we have seen is that there is competitor out there to overcome this and make their token valuable

This is why we can’t understand and feel frustrating as we are not getting any info from u guys


Also, will we see other EU countries live this year (not 31dec lol) or is that an utopian dream?


When it comes to the custodial part the main focus will remain on Europe. Also here we have a lot of changes we are working on, so unfortunately I have no timeline yet.

so no.

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My question about the token is ignored
Ok maybe that is too much

The reason u want us to use this forum is to discuss about the product right?
But we cannot get any update about this from TenX, how can we continue the discussion?
U guys have been “secretly” running the company for few years by cannot telling us this, cannot telling us that and then we cannot see the result eventually.

Dont tell me about the card launching u guys have achieved last year, u guys are not a small size company, 70-80 peoples to develop one feature? If that is the only thing what u guys have done in the past few years, then I really have nothing to say already.

So back to my topic, if all our questions about the product cannot be answered, what else do u expect ur community to discuss on this forum?

Please enlighten me.

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  1. Maybe you could consider a (strategic) choices-chart with USP’s and Plan B’s, why customers would choose to come into the TenX ecosphere. Don’t forget incentives.
  2. Is this about decentralized finance and staking? If yes, could you just say it: waiting for ETH2.0?

Why tenx have no roadmap is strange for me just wait 3 or 4 month that is not a answer, it is disappointed the whole community ok the community is now 30 people, but why tenx must do the question why it is so. I am disappointed because I do not know what is next for long time.

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Why do you guys care so much about the TenX roadmap?

You don’t know the roadmap of Tesla, Apple, Amazon, etc… so why would TenX have to reveal it?


actually everybody who has interest in the companies you named can get a really good feeling of what’ll happen in the near future 1-2 years, if he/she wants. (+ is able to read the news or is able to use google.)
tesla has already revealed stuff, trucks, cars and features for the next years.
apple is delivering like a clockwork and rumors are pretty accurate.
amazon is king anyway… + they work hard on new exploring new areas.

what is tenx doing? nobody knows.

edit: maybe the guys care because they hold tokens or plan to buy some?


Maybe because they should be held accountable for stuff? The things they worked on / revealed the past year was pretty much all very underwhelming. What are the team of 30+ devs working on every day (if there are even that many left)? Only thing we saw was an app redesign which could be done by 2-3 people in maybe a month.

EU launch was not really an EU launch, APAC expansion has been reverted, PAY is still useless after countless times of saying soon utility… what is the master plan here? And now they’re ‘working’ for 3-4 months on restructuring the company? I mean, why? Just because we shouldn’t be nagging?

Tell me Thomas, how are all of your competitors able to launch in EU, but for you guys (who have an EMI license) it is impossible and needs tons of work apparently? I find that hard to believe. Either you’re stalling because some other issues have come up or you don’t even want to cater all of EU and the launch was just to keep some of the investors happy. You should be very very glad that Wirecard was allowed to resume again otherwise you’d be wrecked for good. But with 80 mil in the bank of course you can still play ‘big fintech company’ for years.

How’s Toby’s island coming along btw? :wink:


Because we can see the results or services that Tesla, Apple, Amazon, etc already show us? that’s why we dont need to know their planning as they always have update either on their product or service.

But TenX?
Roadmap is already a lesser request we could ask for now because we could not see any update about their main product after few years.

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It was so easy to have a conversation in the TenX chat before. Why dont we have another platform to discuss TenX related content like before?

This new plan of Tenx should be more than promises. As I predicted in 2018, other companies, including traditional banks are coming with Crypto card and online payment services. I clearly communicated this in 2018 to Tenx, but I was laughed at. I have been told to be patient for more than 3 years. No company can survive this neglect of its (potential) customers. I am only here because I invested in the ICO and I was stupid enough not to sell in time, so one part of me still wants Tenx to be successful, but not much time is left. Wirex, Crypto.com, Mastercard, VISA, etc… are moving fast. It is about market share, perception and customer experience. I expect a mega plan from Tenx to turn around this current road to nowhere.

I’ve set my alarm… come back in 3 months… got it, tick tock… :sleeping:

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I’ve been here since the ICO too. What can I say? I can only blame myself for the investment, or speculation, that I made back then.
And TenX? Well, 2020 is not going to be a great year for TenX. Actually, it hasn’t been a great year for TenX in the past. It was just one month in 2017 when the PAY token price was hyped to 6 dollars. The product development that was introduced at that time and that Vitalik was listed as a advisor on the website should be mentioned… Maybe 2021 will be the breakthrough for TenX? Maybe not, maybe it never comes at all.
The millions are still there. I just think it’s a huge regret that they can’t find other opportunities to better invest the money in their product. It’s a real pity.
Also the next 3 or 4 months will not be enough to present a good product here, in my experience. And that you only now get the idea to develop a better poduct or another product - I hope you can do it.
There is still much more to say. I wish the community a nice weekend.