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What do you think about the idea?

So, guys, wouldn’t it be possible for us to connect together? It’s the only way we can make a move and get the information from TenX ourselves. Of course we have different views, but only together are we strong. I would even go so far as to allow 2 selected people to travel to TenX and find out what’s going on there. As I said, together we could do a lot of things. I know there are many intelligent people in the community and they could make this happen. At least write a letter that we members will ratify.

What would you gain with people traveling there? Either they will let them in and make sure there is nothing odd to be seen or just deny them entrance.

Kinda sad that it has come to ideas like these to get at least some info, as we don’t get any info otherwise.

A better option would be to wait on the (mandatory) annual return / financial statements from 2019, which should be online (and purchaseable through ACRA) in about a month give or take. Last year this was in July. I’d be willing to chip in.


This with ACRA is certainly very good. Still, I think we could write a letter to TenX. In this letter we could add all relevant points. All members could verify this letter with their name.

I know it’s been a long time coming, but you’ll get more information soon. Besides, the office is mostly closed right now because of the Corona regulations. :wink:

How much do you need to pay for this statement?

You guys are a tech company, that can work 100% remotely if needed. Don’t you think your comment is really undermining our intelligence ?

Good job removing positive comment about crypto.com and and let the bad one behind in this thread!

That is how tenx censorship works nowadays

Nope, just saying. No need to take it so personally. :confused:

Just wait for the information we will release (most likely) next week.

Nothing new that commenting competitors is limited. I’m suggesting you to calm down. Agreeing with you that this comment should be deleted also tho.

depends on what info you want 50-100 sgd

Dear Thomas, just a request for if you’re releasing info :smile: pretty please:
Please also mention 1.) if EU expansion is on schedule, 2.) which impact you have from Wirecard status: all funds SAFU?? 3.) team changes: what and why, and most importantly: Yana still with you guys?? 4.) hints how user acquisition is going, 5.) PAY utility when soon?