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What COMIT/TenX needs to do

I feel like COMIT started to get somewhere and just stopped.

Need fully functional UI wallet/POS. that allows the swaps and exchange of BTC, LTC, Doge, Monero, ETH, PAY, and TenX.
If you can pull off BTC to ERC20 these should be easy. Add lightning. Make this wallet/POS integrate with the most popular Wordpress and goddady payment modules, integrate square, and quickbooks, and accounting features that can put all the info into a CSV.

Have both a light client (app) that runs off TenX nodes, an a full multi node client. Build and sell the multi node in a fancy TenX box and make user tutorial on how to built them.

If you do this I will go door to door to every business for you, setting them up with the hardware, software, TenX card, and educate every merchant.

And you will have accomplished the END GAME!

Hi Pwent,

great hearing from you and thanks for drawing such a colorful and bright future around COMIT. We love to hear your ideas, pain points and where you think COMIT can be useful for you - so keep your ideas coming :wink:

I can ensure you, we did not stop and we keep buidling.

If you want to see it in detail, have a look at:

Our repository should give a deep insight on what we’ve been working on.
We also publish a (kind of) monthly “Dev Update” on our blog about what has been happening lately:

Check it out, and you might be impressed how busy we are.

However, I think I see your point and you are right: we stopped chasing headlines and stopped pushing out new features like ICOs were announced in 2017 :upside_down_face:.

We’re focusing on building a stable and robust COMIT: to get somewhere. As you stated correctly: it’s about the long run, and about winning the END GAME.
As usual in life there are no shortcuts to build a strong foundation for a decentralized future.

In the meantime, keep your ideas coming, and if there is something you want to know, feel free to ask :wink:




Are you concerned that the End Game will be only Bitcoin?

Truthfully COMIT could be the first truly decentralized exchange. Does the COMIT team plan to implement all the features that centralize the protocol? How is it governed so that the TenX COMIT team can’t censor transactions?