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What are you doing?


Can you integrate lighting in TenX wallet?

Can you integrate COMIT in TenX wallet yet?

Can you send me a card please?


I’m a new member here, and I’ve already found several posts with the question about lighting :slight_smile: I think, the work won’t be done earlier if we ask about it all the time.

If they can’t handle responding to a few posts when they have employees dedicated solely to responding to a community, they need to better allocate the money we gave them at ICO

It depends on how are you asking the questions and how you are acting in general.

I think you know and i already told you as an example that we can’t just send cards out to everyone (every card company would do it if this would be possible), so why asking that question again and again?

“every card company would do it if this would be possible”

I’m asking the question again because multiple othe crypto card companies are doing it and no one responded to the last time I pointed the following companies out.

Swift did it, coinbase is doing it, MCO is in the US, WireX, Advcash is in the US, shift, cryptopay, soectrocoin card, monolith… there are several crypto card options. That’s not even all of them, so yeah, everyone is doing it or it’s actually a poor business model as Crypto isn’t designed to have a middle man.

Why can these companies pull it off and TenX with its massive ICO and first mover advantage not get the job done?

Why do I care? Because I have the first PAY tokens I could get my hands on based on a promos that a percentage of fees would go to PAY token holders… now I have the TenX token with more useless promises. Since the token was a sham I at least hope to get a TenX card an use it, especially after touting it for far too long.

I wish TenX would at least live op to one promise.

The TenX community is Basically non existent and severally who spoke positively of TenX are gone or Toxic. Kinda like me.

Someone has to ask the question… why isn’t it done yet? And I hope one day Toby and TenX will stop making excuses


COMIT uses lightning for cross chain atomic swaps!

It’s your own company using it yet it’s not implemented in your own wallet!