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Wavecrest and now Wirecard

It’s not for this year we will have a card all over Europe … The end for Wirecard is coming. And for us too if Tenx don’t issue his own cards …

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Right, the only thing TenX finally has to do is to create its own card, as soon as possible.

Don’t hold your breath. They say 6 months - 1 year. So expect 2 years at least given their track record.

If anything, they now have a scapegoat for their EU launch fail. Maybe they already saw this coming and decided to not put too much effort into it, only 2 countries.


Just got mail from CDC saying their card services are suspended. So probably the same for TenX.


I tot TenX said that they didn’t want to have this issue again like relying on just one card issuer, that’s why they took so long for the second launch last time
now what? it happens again?

So u guys actually did nothing for the second launch last time but just gave us an excuse to delay the launch?

Really? @Tenebrae

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Seems like this drama is a huge, multi-actor plot to bring down Wirecard. With ‘help from the inside’ as always and let’s hope they end in jail.

Wow, I just recieved my card a bunch of weeks ago and now this.
Awesome, now TenX has my Bitcoin and don’t offer me anything in exchange.

TenX hey, I want my card money back!