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Voting on Next Coin Supported on the Card?

Is there somewhere we can vote on the next coins you will add to the card?

I would love bring in particular: BSV, Dash, Tezos communities onto the card.

Reasons: BSV All the crypto community has shafted BSV and there is NO support for it on any of the major apps/ wallets, and yet it still is Number 6 above Litecoin. If you were to add it, you would really stand out and get a large, hard-core community embrace you as a brand.

Dash & Tezos:
These two coins most investors are “HODL’ers” who own a large amount of coins, and earn additional coins through masternode or staking. They can decide where to send the coins, so there could a situation where they store the “main HODL” coins on a cold wallet - eg Ledger, and then select to send the “interest” coins to the card wallet automatically to top it up, to be spent in daily life creating a ‘magical auto-refilling bank card’ which would get users very jazzed.

I think for the above reasons, the first card to support these particular coins will really stand out, compared to just “being another card that has the main coins on it”


TenX is not allowed to add privacy focused coins like Dash, Monero etc because of AML compliance and I also believe they won’t add coins like BSV as they are very controversial. They want to add coins and token with real value and no centralized ones who got its value by their own leader. I never really understood why people are giving CMC and it’s “market caps” so much credit. It’s very artificial and fragile imo


XRP is big enough,
XLM fast an cheap transaction,
ADA perhaps

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