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Visual bug

Can’t select currency and battery looks weird in the side menu. iOS 13.4.1 iPhone SE 2020

Hi Sam! Thanks for the report. I will forward that.

Why tenx app show beta, it is avalible in EU.

Hi Hienckes

Yeah i agree on the beta at the bottom, we are gonna change that.

When it comes to the exchange, we still need to improve a lot there and we will continue to call it beta for now.

text in the button is not centered.

pixel 3, Android 10

When I will make a new post in the Forum on my smartphone, the screen will not show the title.

Android 10/galaxy s9

When I will switch to a other categorie in the forum it is not possible easy can you make this better. Try to read all post in Feedback how do you will get this more easy right now.

I has make a mistake in the forum and I can nit reply ok see the “ok” button

can’t understand why Versions with spelling error’s get released -.-
“Betrag senden” olso sounds easier and doesn’t look “heavy/big”
sry for my bad english :slight_smile:

@Joe Thanks for reporting. I changed the wording but this screen got an update so it looks different. It should be fine now.

@samve I hope with the redesign of the menu there are no bugs anymore for you :slightly_smiling_face: