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Visual appearance of the forum

Do you like it? How much can you do about it?


when Dark theme plz :smiley:


I don’t like it. Feels cumbersome, like I’m back on old video game forums from before vent.

Why don’t you use telegram like everyone else? I guess Discord would be fine. Your the only people I know use of Rocket.Chat

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Both Discord and Telegram did not fit our needs and requirements back when we were looking at options to move away from Riot.
This forum is intended as an alternative/additional communication channel to Rocket as they provide different benefits.

I personally do not believe a platform has to be shiny and new, but functional and fast. Simplistic designs have proven to be the most effective!


Can’t find if there are any new posts i didn’t read, and in what topics are they, if there are any. Maybe there is some way, but it requires work to find. Cant it look like normal forum? There are many options, some funny colors at posts sometimes one color sometimes many, i know they are supposed to mean something, but i don’t care. I am not going to gasp in awe about vast amounts of options, i just sometimes need to read or post or reply.

Too many things make it unreadable. timeline on right side… what’s that for, i can see dates on posts already.

Why i can’t see my editing in this post, in previous i could watch it edited, why i am getting some info on right side while i am writing it “How about a picture for your account?” I don’t need that info, if i choose to add picture i will add it, i am not retarded to be forced to get reminded about such stuff.

Overall great idea, forum looks great, but is somehow not functional as a forum. Sometimes phone is supposed to be used as a phone not as a computer, and if you choose to use tool for some purpose you don’t need to be distracted on some irrelevant info, or trouble finding some important info. Like was there any new posts since last time i was here.
Do i really need Bookmark, share, flag, tracking huge buttons, i don’t need them.

Sure i can see topics, and some subjects, and amount of replies, but did i read them, did i reply to any of them… hmm forum, or some weird page pretending to be forum.

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I can see my text edited in right side of window now, that’s cool. But i couldn’t in previous post… whaaat’s going on?

I am author so don’t worry about copyrights.

Adding images is cool :star_struck:

Overall forum looks complicated :slight_smile: a bit overkill for what forum is ment to be. I like http://bitcointalk.org/ that’s what a forum is. This one is something more like something weird not just a forum.

I guess if i did spend like 2-3 more hours here i would like this forum.

Do you like this forum:

  • Yes
  • No

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Oh poll can’t have title(what is the poll about) inside pool,



And i can’t change font, nor font color in post? Weird.
What is ther preformated text for.

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Why forum is so very user unfriendly and not intuitional, impossible to find anything or use it. I have no idea why it is so bad, maybe it is too complex.
Weird but is Similar to chat. Hard to use, user unfriendly.

Good chat: telegram, bad chat:tenx.
Good forum: bitcointalk, bad forum: tenx
Good promo: mco bad promo: tenx
Good app: revolut.
Good communication: netflix, tesla, bad: tenx
Good support: tenx :slight_smile:

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Its a New Design. Its okay, not bad. One thing i miss and this is dark theme.

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Don’t worry we’ll be adding a redesigned dark mode soon!


I largely agree with moratari.
Also, the problems I have here are:

  • How to see what new comments there are - is there even a way?
  • Too much white space - a 1 line comment takes up 1/3 screen height in browser!
  • Can’t seem to reply in threaded way to individual comments - reply just gets added at end of list

Perhaps it’s just me being a bit thick?

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Test reply to moratari’s forum post from 20d ago to see what happens. Does the reply get posted in a threaded way to the original post or just added to the end of the list?

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OK, after a bit of experimentation. Clicking the 3 horizontal bar icon top right helps a lot. I think they call it the “hamburger menu”. There’s even a keyboard shortcut for it… just hit the = key!

  • You can reply to individual post, click the appropriate reply button in the post concerned. Your reply does seem to go at the end of the list, but subtly a “replies” button appears at the bottom of the original post/comment that you can click to then see the replies to that post appear immediately below it.
  • There are LOTS of useful features, see the “Keyboard shortcuts” link in that same dropdown menu.
  • You can click to see just the new posts and all sorts of other things. Best idea is to look at the keyboard shortcuts page (in the hamburger menu) and experiment I guess

The most important issue for me then is the wasted white space. I’d prefer a much more compacted presentation like on other forums. It’s so spaced out here you kinda forget where you are.

Oh, one more thing I noticed. A link to this forum doesn’t appear in the reddit menu. Should it not appear somewhere here?


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Yep, to me it feels to much “reinventing the wheel”. I am used to BB forum styles and can get around there just fine, but for some reason I don’t get this forum just feels very cumbersome and not intuitive. I think discourse just want to be too innovative imo. For some reason it is very hard to read as well, specifically the large use of bold fonts on the home page.

I also don’t get why they don’t use the whole width of the browser rather than just a block of 800px size… Also disliked that on the new reddit redesign, always use the classic now.