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Can tenx put the PAY token to the travala.com payment options?
This will be nice and a use case for the pay token in the future.
Please do something with the pay token I want spent the token!

If tenx can integreate the pay token to coinsbee.com so travala.com will be also possible.

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I just want to here tenx will working for this future, it is a very nice utility for pay token, nice publicity you can show on your homepage. That is no partnership just do it for the user they want spend her pay token.

it is actually no utility because it can be sold for BTC and USD anyways. reducing the steps of the outcome is a fake utility

Fake Utility, is not true if tenx can do not offer to swap pay or do pay as primary wallet to buy, what can we do with the reward we get from tenx. I must do sell to a exchange that support pay token. That is not a ecosystem. I am disappointed.

I see pay in the future like google pay, samsung pay, Apple Pay, alipay, wechat pay… tenx can do swap with comit automaticaly and can offer all of this with the pay token in tenx app. That is what I see tenx can offer in the future. Just hopium now but…