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Token tracker not working

I went to Dapp TENX Token: Rewards (TENX: Rewards Token)

To check up on saved up rewards in the field number 12.

But it errors with “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘methods’ of undefined” - same error if you enter to check whitelisting in field 5.

Yes, would be nice if there is a viable workaround. I don’t use VPN.

Was this communicated @Tenebrae ? Will it work again? Why is it broken?

It should work if you connect to a Web3 app (top right corner)

Web3 app? ELI5? I’ve got the mobile Metamask app (= also internet browser) installed but that doesn’t work.

If you go on the website and check the top right corner, there is a button “Connect to Web3”. If you connect to one of these services it should work, it doesn’t have to be your wallet where you hodl your TENX token; it’s just about the additional connection

Thnx :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: works

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