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Things about TenX Visa Card

Hi guys, I am new to TenX community, these days I am doing some research about the project. Any one could tell me some information about TenX Visa Card? I want to know how many countries has already shipped the card? And it’s scale? Like how many cards are reserved? And the number of users are large of small?
I‘ve searched much information but couldn’t find, your replay will be much grateful.

Tenx is a real crypto visa card, your crypto is convert to fiat in real time (POS). The cards are out in german and austria (and APEC I do not know) more countries will come. User numbers, next country out or waiting list tenx is no publish. And you can buy BTC (be care about fees) and you can do swap BTC < to > ETH. More is hard to find out. Tenx has also his own crypto currency PAY you can integrat in the tenx app, but it is difficult for newbies to do the claim process, when you do this you can get rewards when you own tenx token, but the amount it is also difficult to find out. When you have buy BTC ETH or LTC before 2017 and you want spend and you are in german or austria the best way to spend or it is stupid I can do not say the future value of cryoto currencies.

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A ‘real’ crypto Visa card doesn’t exist, they’re all Fiat, including the one from TenX. It’s actually an illusion or magic happening behind the scenes, and the illusion offered by TenX is better than the competition.

What you have with the TenX system is a crypto balance stored by TenX on their internal systems. TenX provide you with an exchange rate (viewable via their app) to the fiat currency you’re using. When you use your TenX visa card to pay for something in fiat, TenX automatically update their backend systems to deduct the appropriate amount of crypto from your balance shown to you that you have stored with them. They also make sure that the Visa card payment goes through with the correct amount of fiat value, equivalent to the exchange rate they’re using. This is all automatic on TenX system. The illusion for you therefore is that you’re paying directly using crypto at Point of Sale, whereas actually TenX are paying the fiat via the Visa card and simply updating your crypto balance on their systems accordingly.

With other Visa card providers, this is more explicit. On their systems you need to maintain a separate fiat balance to use with their Visa card offering which you top up using your crypto balance. This is a pain, and you always need to make sure your fiat balance is sufficient to cover the fiat charge you’re about to make with their Visa card. This is different than TenX where they only require you to have enough crypto to cover the usage of the card at their prevailing crypto to fiat exchange rate obviously.

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