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The money from ICO Investors

what does TenX say about investments by ICO Investors?

By the way, I have given TenX over $100`000 and enabled them to build their company. After 3 years I get the above mentioned answer to the question about ICO Investors.
That speaks for the seriousness of this company.

Yes the main product they had sold to us in order to get funding becomes the least priority at the moment

Let’s see what they can give us two weeks later

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What do you think where all this money für these nice luxury buero is comming from??? It is OUR MONEY…
Normaly you are starting in garage or something like that and give some perspective for the investors before you are spending with full hands the money from the ico investors…

seriousness? ok. I give you seriousness.

I believe you are talking shit. why? because none of your arguments are verified and
I wonder why you just recently started to “highlight” the amount of your investment.

In order to verify your arguments provide the following information (via PM):

  • participating ICO wallet address
  • participating pre-ICO wallet address

(I keep every information for my own and will only verify or deny your statement - Investments after 01.01.2018 do not count)

(provided pgp key for 3runexx via pm - waiting for response)

current status:
not verified

nobody cares what you believe.

maybe you should demand some proof of progress from tenx and stop insulting other community members.

part of the money from ICO investors is now in mimo.
there is still no usecase of any sort for the tokens, and it seems PAR isn’t really taking off either, since there are only 12 holders of PAR in total.

so, people are frustrated, and they have every right to be.

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sure they have every right to be.

I just don’t believe some arguments as I clearly remember how specific members were dreaming of high yields and had good mood even after a 80% drop of BTC value.

It feels like they use the ATH and their currently collected tokens to estimate their “investment” into the company which is of course total bs.

this is my address where i have been keeping PAY Token for more than 3.5 years. Most of it bought in pre- ICO via Julian Hosp. And then later in several purchases in July 2017 on Bittrex.

To reinforce my credibility, I can move a desired amount from this address at any time.

Why am I so negative about TenX? Quite simply:
I have been involved in entrepreneurship for over a year. And I have to be honest, I’ve never been an entrepreneur before in my life, and I’m dealing with a completely new topic on top of my full-time job. And today I am making good sales and profits with my product. This year, I want to invest even more in development and bring a new product to the market. I have done all this with my own money. I had to learn everything from scratch. But I did it.
And now what I can’t understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me. A team of over 60 people who are highly educated and millions and millions of dollars from investors can’t even get a company to run over 3 years. If you could at least see progress. No, they are still at the beginning.
And with the attitude that TenX has, they will remain in this beginning stage for a long time.