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The future of TenX because it’s tokens are built on a house of cards?

Basically, TenX token and Pay are built on ETH. If ETH can’t migrate to 2.0 and TenX with it, the current ETH platform will die because it can’t scale. Has TenX already developed PAY and TenX token on Liquid as a failsafe?

Is TenX concerned about the centralization created by POS? Basically whoever has the most ETH controls all of Ethereum.

What’s your fallback plan if/when ETH fails?

Just talking to myself in this happening forum…

Need to respond to myself at least once a month.

We currently consider this case unlikely. A solution would be to take a certain block as an image for another blockchain.

TenX considered it unlikely that they would lose their initial card issuer, TenX should probably take these issues more seriously.

ProgPOW going to save ETH?