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can I do anything at all with my tenx tokens?
i see one place forkdelta where i can exchange but seems to have zero volume.
Do they have any utility at all?

If you whitelisted your ETH address, you can get quarterly PAY rewards.
Don’t get your hopes up, the rewards are not really worth the effort right now. in 3/4 years I received around 900 PAY (for 40.000 tokens) so a whopping $45 for I think a average/big bag of tenx tokens.

If you have a token without any utility and value, this will be the result: zero trading volumes.
if the company do not care about token price (communicated exactly like this) this will happen

TenX token has the above utility (to get the PAY token reward)
PAY token has 0 utility at the moment. (i saw some site that accept PAY for giftcards)

So in conclusion: Both tokens are worthless, so there will 0 valuation to it at this moment.
If you are holding or investing/buying now, you are hoping for a brighter future. everything is SOON at the moment at TenX. Its SOON already for like 2,5 years.

Like many i stuck 50 ETH in at ico. have just shed tears ever since

I did the same to get the “special” card, and later on, bought more, up to 120 ETH in total investment, or roughly 30000 USD (at the exchange rates in those days). Current value is 1470 USD …So far I have not seen any Card, let alone a “special” card…3 years waiting. I have written off the investment, and I am sure Toby is happy with my contribution to his wealth. I wish I had kept the ETH…

I have also tenx token, but there are no communication no roadmap, so they are still in my HW. I have no idea, just wait without visa card and hope, for PAY token to get at 2$ to not lose all my money, but this is not realistique with such of concurrence companies. But I want buy with crypto.
I have decide to keep tenx token but also problem with price indication I need for tax.