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TENX Token Masterpost

Hey Community,

The TENX Token masterpost features the complete list of official communication about the TENX Token, plus FAQs on eligibility, key dates, and token claiming.

See the masterpost here:

What is the purpose of the TenX token. Is there any value of the TenX token (not the PAY) ? And where can it be traded?

I updated the link, it was outdated because we moved our blog. So, in the masterpost you should find most of the information.
Additionally the TENX token can only be traded at the moment on forkdelta:

Forkdelta the only Exchange … :smile: … since one year … äh yes sir :smile:

Okay, thanks.
So this means the only porpose of the token is to get the PAY rewards? The more TenX token you have, the more PAY rewards you get. Is this correct?

Correct. And you can only claim PAY tokens to your ERC20 (TENX) address after it’s whitelisted.

And when you do so you see that this token isnt made with much thoughts … i mean claim the Rewards sending 0 eth to the adress?..No UI or something? Äh … sure TenX really trust in this token xD

If you can send PAY tokens from exchanges to your private wallet, then it’s a small exercise to also do the whitelist claim. I wouldn’t put to much recources into an additional UI in this regard (imho)?