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Tenx token in tenx app

Why can I not deposit my tenx token in the tenx app and receive Rewards in the tenx app?


I already have my pay tokens in my app and I did this by sending them to my pay wallet address using receive then selecting pay token from the top. My question is do I need to then white list that address? Then how do I claim my rewards?


We have two tokens, the PAY and TENX token. Our TENX Token give a reward every quarter depended on our revenue, you can find more information here:

We are not able to implement the TENX token in the app for regulatory reasons. With our new plans this could change in a few months, more about this at a later date.


Ok I just want my rewards automaticaly in tenx app (pay wallet). Did you working for this?

This probably doesn’t have priority right now but it would be nice to have this later, when everything more important is implemented and rewards are worth to withdraw more often.

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Priority is somthing like soon here?
Without roadmap is difficult to find out, decentrelising pay token what does this mean or what they will change? To have the reward automaticaly in the tenx app will be nice for the tenx ecosystem, I can not understand this answer.

The normal Users might not be interested into this. The PAY token is quite more important to have in the App. I would just deposit the PAY tokens from time to time into the Tenx wallet.