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TenX Token go down

A bad news soon ? :thinking:

Now its near 0. Maybe employees selling cause they know something that we dont!

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With an orderbook this small, its impossible to have a realistic value of the token.

but to quote toby:" TenX doesn’t care about token prices guys’ nor it doesn’t care the token to be listen anywhere. Token is purely created to shut up all the community members/ico funders because they were ‘promised’ to get some % of the revenue as stated in the white paper.

There is only 1 active staff member right now on the community channels. (check the coins that went dead, they usually had 1 active staff member to say everything is fine, before all things went silence) all things align quite similar. Just think with you brain and not with your hopium.


Did you see Toby or the rest of the “CEO-Team” in any media the last 3-4 months? Not? Ah yeah …says much :slight_smile:

Here: https://financefwd.com/de/tenx/?fbclid=IwAR0SQ5aKhdr8OaMpyq9-aK-H1edELQr-2P_jzLSX9KwKU379ZVdfI6AHXYQ :slight_smile:
We will publish more information very soon.

Please don´t use the “s” word anymore. Almost a year a go in the legendary AMA, Toby talked about token utility:

So we are still tuned Toby! Can you hear us?! :wink:

Please @Tenebrae no more soon! Its annoying!

This is of course not allowed.

not a very positive article imo…

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It smells bad … after to stop cigarettes, i’am going to stop follow news of TenX … it’s better for healthy :disappointed:

All my crypto apps have no price for tenx token, for me it is not cool, I must do my tax without price it is difficult, so the ERC20 TENX token must be list on other exchang to have a live price indication, I wait so long, and it will not move, no news, no info norhing about tenx token. I am disappointed.

Other question… has there ever been good news? If TenX has something in common with wirecard, than the recordspeed of loosing trust and clients

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TenX isn’t the company for good news :smile: