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TenX Team, Any strategy to beat Crypto.com?

For long, we trust the company. We know it takes time. But we also have our own observations and judgement that it’s so obvious that TenX is losing this battle in terms of marketing strategy, market shares (probably), token price and also company public image… we see the leadership is not effective. Even worse than the time when Julian was still there. The motto may not be as easy to comprehend as the old one, meaning that it becomes harder to go viral in public. And a lot more to comment. We try to keep our mouth shut to allow more room for employees to do their best, we do expect results, not only a revamp on website or the app, we expects company growth in terms of market shares, more customers and revenue, more integrated systems and functions and in result more competitive products… and certainly not leadership is changing periodically without clear roadmap and visions.

I am not trying to be negative. I walked with TenX since token sales. And really do think it can be done better. And let’s focus on achieving more!


In 2017 it was the TenX card that no one could compete with, but mistakes over mistakes didn’t let them succeed and now everyone could catch up. Market share is little, but 400% growth between Q1 and Q2 is a nice statistic.

they could have went from 10 users to 40 users. 400% is a useless number if you don’t know the context.


Beat crypto.com?
How about not falling behind so much first?
It’s like Friendster vs Facebook :joy:


a year ago we had the same discussion about not falling behind.

the answer always was “we have a new strategy”, “we’ll define new OKR’s”, “we have squads now”, “we’re focusing on eu-launch now”, etc…
it’s really getting ridiculous…


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Well at least CDC users got f*cked today as well…

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Got fucked as in token price rising too much ? LOL

you’re clearly not informed haha. nvm, not the place here

I just check their latest post about token swap Haha

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I think they can’t admit it, but I think they don’t care about us anymore … why continue to love someone who doesn’t care about us anymore ?

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I am tuning in for the AMA tomorrow to see some fireworks :smiley:

Crypto.com is the leader … it’s hard to say, but it’s the reality …

pls @MikeSunshine unload your bags, sell everything. I am disgusted seeing butthurt token holders which placed a extremly high risk bet and are not satisfied with their outcome. stop trash talking other people for your own failure.

and btw that cdc swap is just the ultimate REKT. 1 MCO = 21 CRO (or +20% if staked for 6 months) and its capped to 100 billion, mostly held by the company. gg wp


CDC did what TenX did. Unloading their ICO funded users.
But CDC did it with a more valuable token (CRO) then TenX (TENX)

Overall, i am not too unhappy with the swap. As long they dont neglect the CRO token and create more and more utility for it. Way better then TenX is doing to be honest

1:100 dilution is pretty bad tho. The way they used smoke and mirrors as well (hike up price of cards then lower again). Just going to use my card for lounge access now as long as it lasts. Don’t want to hijack my funds in their system anymore.

Yes, dilution is bad. But also dilution is overrated when they still manage to pump CRO X a few times.

I don’t doubt they can keep the MCO price low for months/years to come if they don’t swap the coin.
I prefer to hold a more valuable but diluted coin rather than a coin that has no intrinsic value matched to its ratio.

I’m sure they planed this before they launched CRO. I mean first they minted worthless token, then they manipulated the price of CRO and MCO to create a ridiculous swap ratio.

I mean they managed to print 3b for the community while holding 13b themselves. that’s a total marketcap of ~16 billion $ WTF

Not sure if the community is actually going to benefit as they have huge sell pressure and the community won’t be able to sell due their staking model.

The name of this forum is forum.crypto.tech ?
Crypto bought TenX?
There is so little information on TenX that we are talking about Crypto.com here …
Claude is alive ?
Houston ??? the moon is no longer a target ? Just a dream ?
It’s time to wake up TenX … (or resuscitate)