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TenX Rewards

Hi guys,
I hope all is alright for all.
I have 2 addresses with TenX Tokens (Address A and B).
I want to transfert my rewards from B to A.
Is it possible to transfer the balance from B to A too?
Thank you.

Sure you can. Do you have enough ETH to pay for your transactions? Are both the addresses whitelisted for TENX rewards? If yes and yes, everything will be okay.

Yes they are both in whitelisted for TENX rewards.
Which function should I use ?

Do I have to pay ETH to transfer the rewards from A to B ?
Thank you for your help

Just watch a YouTube video on how to make an ERC20 transaction (from A to B). Each wallet has a transaction function. I always use MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Yes, an ERC20 transaction costs some ETH fee. You can look up www.ethgasstation.info how much Gwei you should use (as a fee) to complete the transaction. Gwei is an ETH denominator like Sats are for BTC.

Nothing here. TenX - Official Channel - YouTube
Can you share me your video please ?

Some examples here