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TENX & PAY support everywhere

just for the record, people wanted this from day 1!
imo it is a “must have” to support the own tokens in the own ecosystem.

it’s not a suggestion the community made more often “lately”.
the discussion was going on and on over the last years. but it never came.
the fact you obviously don’t see this as important as it is makes me wonder what the other “must haves” will be.

supporting the own tokens, having a way to send transactions & check balances from desktop should be implemented asap.

It is possible to make swap PAY-ETH and ETH-BTC with comit. I have do the whole PAY token smart contract with sing message… with the new TENX token, now I want to get my referral in the app not on my Hardware wallet with send 0 ETH to a address. Is not cool and for newbies they can not do. In some countries TENX is a security token you can not buy the token just on Forkdelta and now I am not sure is it possible right now there are negativ signals. And the change of withepaper is no good for the whole community or change chat or no information about CEO, leaderchip changement…
The cash back fonction must be integrated in the tenx app!

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