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Can tenx do more Media presence?
When I am searching tenx on WWW I get a lot of info there are not true right now, they show other with paper or DASH coin support or I can find Julian H. as CEO… you can do update to this search on web when you put tenx?

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For which product should TenX show media presence? There is none left.

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Hi Hienckes, be ready for some radical steps. The current app will stop and a second app will appear. The second app could have a different name, for a fresh start. It’s only headline info at this point of time.

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A link with PayPal ?

Hmm, I don’t think PayPal because I don’t think it fits the decentralized vision of TenX. @Tenebrae ?

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Nothing with Paypal.

So I hope better than that … Let’s pray …

It is difficult for give feedback, it seems I want to spam tenx, that is not my goal! Perhaps now the community is to little. I have read there will be a new tenx app soon, I have a lot of expectations and regrett tenx will not have a all in one app with his nice logo. When I have my tenx visa card, privat key and iban or sepa support I am satisfied, but this is a long way, for now I do not expect but I’m curious about the update soon and I can read something on other chanels about tenx or perhaps the new CEO in media.
Right now it is very quiet for long time.

With a roadmap I can cut down my post.
I can put here more expectations (staking landing, credit, gift cards, tenx shop…) but I do not know it is wanted here in this chat or in general?

I think TenX has enough ideas right now, and they are working towards a new goal. Our feedback will be needed when the new app is live (I think).


I’m not sure TenX have control of www search results. Perhaps you should approach Google, or Bing, or…

Unfortunately the web is littered with the past exploits and history of TenX, and it seems almost none of it will be relevant once the ‘new’ product direction hatches. It will be a long time before the new stuff overtakes the residual web baggage, and that’s assuming the new direction is successful. Also, TenX do not exactly have a good track record of handling their media and web presence, nor fostering their community for that matter, except of course for our lone soldier Thomas here.

I’m surprised folk haven’t yet realised that cards aren’t a thing any more and the current app is at end of life (no further updates). Cards are off the TenX radar now - hence why they are sorting out card refund and balance refunds.

Yes it’s the end. Keep calm and look elsewhere :wink:

Nope, there will be cards. We will not further update the TenX app because there will be a new app.


All that for this ? Really ? You have spent so energy for nothing ?

At a certain point when you realize that it doesn’t make sense to continue as before you change more or less and try again just like most startups.

can you confirm that the new app is outsourced to professionals and not internally?

We are here again ???

In-house, we have enough talented developers and designers. Additionally, if you are outsourcing the programming of an app, there are many limitations, especially if the app is supposed to expand and improve regularly and that’s the case. Obviously, outsourcing is better short term and when the app has not many expected updates.

When will you come here with more informations about the new product ? November ? December ?

OK, now I’m really confused. So why did you state that you are sorting out refunds for all those waiting to receive a card. Are you saying that only those with existing cards (in their hands) will be able to keep them and anyone still waiting to receive a card will not get one?

Please be very specific about what is happening about the cards Thomas. For example, I’m in the UK, still waiting for my replacement card from when it was stopped in January 2018. Will I be receiving my new card or not? Thanks.