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So, while you were with us during TenX – please join us and be part of this new exciting chapter.

Welcome to Mimo!


Great news! One question, I heald an amount of TENX Tokens on a DEX that I had bought some time ago. Transfer them to my whitelisted address this morning but as the snapshot took place on the 1/4 these tokens were not included in the snapshot. Is it possible to get some MIMO for these? It’s a pretty big chunk of tokens so it would feel terrible to miss out on those tokens :slight_smile:

You would have to contact the DEX if they can do the claim for you

does it mean we can sell pay and tenx token and still receive MIMO after that?
how much is MIMO worth now? MIMO token = governance token?

We won’t support the token further and the snapshot happened.
You can check the MIMO price on balancer. Yes, the MIMO token is our governance token.

How to connect the ledger to the wallet to claim mimo? As all my token was held on the ledger?

just to understand:
today pay token was about 0.15cent worth before announcement. The mimo tokens I get offered for are just a fraction of the value. does that makes sense? why does not give everybody for 100 dollars of pay 100 dollars of mimo?

of course soon pay will go to zero but I am talking about before announcement price

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How can I claim mimo my token were on my hardware wallet… Any details?? This is so confusing…

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I am in the same situation. Not sure what to do.

You can connect your hardware wallet to metamask and then choose the adress your tokens on

Cant find any informations what happens with the money from TenX? (I mean its a hugh amount)
@Tenebrae …will it move to MiMo or into the MiMo-Par-Stablecoin?

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when will I be able to claim Mimo Token? I connected my hard wallet in the claim page but in result transaction error when I confirm the transaction.

Investors who bougth tenx token long time ago did that because they want to participate in the profits of tenx (now mimo). What are your further ideas to that relationship between the founders and their investors?


Hi team,
I had tokens on Bittrex, please can someone tell if they can be used to claim mimo/par? If yes, how?

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@Narmandi When it comes to the funds, they will stay with the company (Mimo) and will be used to some part the same as before, like for the company expenses and finance the team. We will also focus on exchange listings, in the short term especially the PAR token, and marketing.

@ansellam I used Metamask connected with my Ledger and had no problem. What are you exactly doing?

@JJ1000 The dynamic is now extremely different in my opinion. If you hold the MIMO token you have voting power to vote for changes to the protocol. Those changes could also be beneficial to MIMO token holder etc… Also, the community can propose changes, it doesn’t rely on us anymore fully, but especially in the beginning we gonna make things happen.

@vaibhav_jain Please contact Bittrex to claim on your behalf. Additionally, there is a possibility in the future if we get the MIMO token listed that the claiming will be done from them once and for all holders.

I had TenX Pay Token on OKEx. Please let me know how this is how I can get Mimo Tokens a little easier way for those on the exchange.

한국사람이있나요 여기에?

Please contact OKEx to claim on your behalf. Additionally, there is a possibility in the future if we get the MIMO token listed that the claiming will be done from them once and for all holders on this exchange.

Can you please be more specific on how the relationship of the company and their investors will be in the future?

We are working together to push the Mimo protocol and the token value. The MIMO token is a governance token so you are able to vote on changes or propose them

@Tenebrae can you please answer that. just curious to understand this strategy?

and does anybody has an idea who is buying this pay tokens when they are useless? does anybody uninformed buy this dumped token? anybody experience with a situation like that?