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There is a new Glasdoor-Review … I am not sure about if its legit or not … but i dont think its totally bs

It reflects my personal feeling about the company at the moment!

Its very strange how they handle things … and its very strange that a CEO that quits as CEO employ the next CEO (a good friend).

They abandon the whole social aspect of TenX (Rocket-Chat, Community) even Social Media and more … They delete the employees-page with some “strange excuses” to protect them.

There is not a single sign that makes it feels like TenX gos in a good direction?

Or maybe i dont see something… big coming … xD

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I think many people (especially the ICO participants, like me) feel the same about this. They promised before the end of the year a clear way forward, and I guess, this will be their last chance. If it is again just promises, then many will drop the whole investment and try to forget about it. Not easy, I have put more than 100 ETH in it, so it hurts, but let´s hope that the crypto bull run in 2021 will surprise us, so we can forget about this bad history.

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We can all agree looking all the facts over the past couple of years that TenX is not a really serious business. Nobody can say the opposite … otherwise it’s a lie.
I would have preferred never to say that … but facts are facts …
Pray for change …

Toby was really incompetent as CEO

Don’t get conned by Thomas saying how good he was in the company

Thomas is just an employee there and how could he say something bad about his boss here?

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We all knew that he needed to say that if he want to stay in the company xD :slight_smile:

@doskey and @Jiaye Yeah obviously it’s better to criticize people if necessary in my company in public and not internally :man_facepalming: Sometimes you guys have strange thoughts :sweat_smile: I think we are pretty open internally with giving feedback about different decisions :slightly_smiling_face:
@doskey Btw not nice from you to imply that I would lie, next time I count that as an attack on me (last comment). And for me if people get attacked on LinkedIn and even get stalked this is not a strange excuse.

@MikeSunshine If you are not a serious business you cannot acquire many different licenses :slightly_smiling_face: Many changes are made and in the process, no worries.

Hi Thomas,

Not to be a dick for asking this, but I am really curious.
Your position is social media manager/or community manager isn’t it?

And you are located somewhere in Europe right? I expect you get paid monthly? So can you tell me your daily job operations now? Let’s be honest…The old community is near dead and the German facebook group doesn’t really need more then 30 minutes tops to manage.
So really are wondering what you are doing at the moment and to what extend?

Fair question :slight_smile:
My job title is “Community Manager” but i’m also handling all social media channels from us, app store ratings, german translations on content and products, the product feedback from you guys and here and there some little tasks if they fit. Since we stopped advertisement with our current products and also focusing in regards of content already on the new stuff it’s less to do for me of course.
Since I cannot tell you at the moment about details of our plans I cannot share much what I’m doing additionally, but I use some time now to get knowledge about the stuff that will be relevant in our new products and also investigating what other teams and products do to make sure to have a sucessful and included community. So even in that regard you can expect many changes in when the first things of the new products are released.


It was more about employees leaving TenX (or Fired) short after TenX close the page … but maybe just a rumor or coincidence?

Some people left the company some joined and on the most important positions we have new people so no problem.

@Tenebrae Can you confirm that Tenx will not be closing ? and there is a bright future …

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Really curious about the new ‘products’ and the relation to PAY/TENX


What surprises me is that Tenx is not asking their potential clients what they should launch, especially the people that were involved in the ICO. I have put a lot of money into Tenx, so why are we getting ignored? This is not the way to build up a stronger community for the future. I will wait for this new announcement but do not hold my breath.


TenX will not be closing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@tenxtoken We emailed active users several times to see what they want implemented.

Not me, I never seen any question of Tenx while I put more than 100 ETH into Tenx

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Lets just hope that TenX token will not be abandoned because of ’ regulatory’ issues.
All the old PAY token holders switched to TenX and sold off PAY. It will be another kick in the balls if they ditch the TenX token and solely continues with the PAY

That being said the PAY token is gaining momentum and the TENX token is going into hybernation

There is a big difference… pay is tradable on well-known exchanges … TenX-Token is tradable only on a illegal exchange! Even if TenX promoted this exchange (etherdelta) Iam not sure if this maybe is alone a violation of aml-Regulations! The creator of this exchange was fined by the sec … :slight_smile:

But I understand TenX … cause when you distribute a token and no one can trade it it feels strange

It is relative easy to make an ERC20 token available on other exchanges, or on a DEX, for instance uniswap. The fact that Tenx does not make this happen, is clearly on purpose

Maybe sometimes you don’t understand why some people here are very mad…but

I mean nearly everyone here in this community was a big supporter of TenX … that was free support, free advertising… free fight for the future and the vision … spreading the word in privat or social media…my brother bought some Pay after he ask me about the project in 2018 (that’s far a way bigger mistake then loosing your own money)

There is not much left of these guys here right?

You said after the failed communication beside the TenX-Token you know it was not good and you change this … do you think it changed?

I was really happy about the step down of Julian Hosp … but the transparency and the community work / Communication after his quit changed dramatically … it was a „we don’t care anymore“

Maybe I am wrong and other guys here think that the community work / communication was better …

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