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TenX Defi is starting right now!

the value of PAY/TENX was was based on network effects, a big community and user base.
everyone invested because of their first whitepaper.

i don’t really get what’s so cool about that new thing, especially in regards of the old tokens? how would you implement them to become more valuable?

also the argument of employees and company holding massive amounts of tokens is questionable.
how many of the staff is really holding tokens, how many of the old staff is still left at tenx?
and do they still get paid with PAY (at least partly)?

for me lending is a cool feature, but i haven’t used it in any other platform, since i just want to hold, trade (and spend?!) my assets.
i don’t use stablecoins so far.
do you?

I have only one big question, what will happen with the PAY and TENX tokens? Additional questions, how do you ensure that these tokens will hold any value in your new Project? I invested more than 100 ETH into Tenx, so I hope you can imagine that I want to see some value back from the PAY and TENX tokens. This is a serious question, hopefully get a clear and serious answer. Thanks!


Are you from Germany? Do you think we can team up on this opportunity? Dear people, in order to enforce something against TenX we have to do it together. Please do not forget that we investors have made it possible for TenX to exist today. And now we are anxious for our tokens to get any value at all. We do not accept this!!! Once again, let’s join together, otherwise TenX can do with us as it did until now and continue to screw us over.

Really thinks we should chill a bit. No one knows what will happen with the tokens right. We just have to wait and see what they have for us :slight_smile: They have already stated that both TENX and PAY token will play a vital role in their new services.

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Let us not be naive. We all know exactly what will come out. TenX will launch a product, but currently without integrating PAY token. Their statement will be similar to: “we need to decentralise PAY Token before we can integrate it”. This means they will have to program their own blockchain for the PAY. And that can easily take until the end of 2021.
This process can be speeded up if TenX would outsource things. But they want to do everything in-house. That’s good, but they are moving to slow. Don’t let TenX take you for fools!!

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actually they might be closer than never before.
the term “decentralizing the token” does not mean to use a different blockchain.

they just need to make sure they don’t get accused for insider trading.
hopefully they have an idea how to “lock” the token in their own vault…
a smart contract could solve this problem much easier :slight_smile:

and please do others me a favour and don’t be toxic.
I mean founders get paid crypto and you blame them for stealing money from the company?
based on what information?
no one will follow your lawsuit as it is pointless anyways.

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in a world where everything is fine and well, I would agree with your statement. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not so perfect. So, let’s get something straight first. I just wanted to strengthen our position. In the case that it really does come to the worst. We may have already passed that point. But I don’t want to just stand there and watch. I’m not accusing anyone. But, look what happened with Wirecard. This company was supervised by BaFin. Nevertheless, exactly what no one thought possible happened. And why? Because where there is a lot of money involved, you very quickly forget the goals you set yourself at the beginning.
I remember very well when the PAY token reached 5 dollars, and I bought it on average for 0.80 cents, but I didn’t sell it. I believed in this company with all my heart. And I was determined to hold on until the end. Why? Because the leadership of TenX had convinced me. Exactly.
And today? What has remained of our TenX leadership from 2017? Yes, exactly, thats what i mean. Are they still the same people as back then?

the rumors about wirecard started 2018. no one believed anything.

it took almost almost 2 years of FUD to get enough attention from all sides.
and then it went TITS UP.

everybody who really was surprised just didn’t pay enough attention to the excuses the company always made.

you all can see the same vibes in here.
some paint a bright future.
and some paint the end of the story.

some day everybody will know.

@Tenebrae any input from you at this point?

Most of it is speculation I cannot comment on at the moment :sweat_smile:

Why not set up an automated reply as soon your username is tagged.

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That is why we have so many exit scams in the Crypto world.
No liability, no regulations, no worries, just money.

Mimo is that from tenx? I have had a look € stable coin? Nice i will follow I do not like USDT… :joy:
Explain waiting time for me.
Just my PAY and TENX token I must wait in tenx time 2022 or?
When mimo is the name, please buy the www domain www.mimo.com!
And what is with visa card?
Question??? You can do research so many about tenx I do not can find something new!

@Hienckes Yes, it looks like Mimo is from TenX and they have claimed the URL http://mimo.capital which can only be viewed with Firefox or Safari-browsers. The system is not online yet: we have only seen a spoiler.

VISA card, PAY token, TENX token, nobody knows. Worstcase: never, bestcase: soon :wink: LOL :wink:

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@Tenebrae But someone in your organisation has already given a comment to the media. Ref article posted by @santascoming
Why cannot you give us any info at all? I dont understand this.

They wrote it kinda weird, we didn’t say anything on our side to any media

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@longice Check out mimo.capital for some more infos (The content was updated recently)…

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whats weird in the article? can you elaborate?

i think it’s written pretty neutral. it’s what we know.
was it by accident that the website got leaked?

i assume you get questions from community and media pretty frequently.
you have to answer them if you want to have impact on the direction the article is going to be about.

It’s weird because we didn’t state anything yet about the new brand etc., and it sounds like they would have gotten the information from us, but that’s not true.

More information from us on a later point