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TenX Defi is starting right now!


it feels like the DeFi-Project is starting today with the website:



Lets see what will happen next


Decentralized Stable Token = dollar or euro or equivalent?

Mimo Token: PAR

PAR tokens are decentralized, collateral-backed synthetic assets pegged to fiat currencies.

The Mimo protocol currently offers the PAR stable token, which is pegged to the euro.

From the website

@TobiaSchroeder Deleted some parts of your last comment because of the link just for your info

Are you guys planning to officially announce shortly? Last time you said you could share more on the tokens after the launch since it would make more sense then. Interested to see what all is going on. Site looks good though not very mobile friendly (won’t scroll down).

Site won’t scroll down with Brave browser, either. Works ok with Firefox.

just a little bit like this and we all get excited…

common tell us more or at least if we are fu**ed with our tenx/pay tokens…


Yeah, that’s gonna be interesting to see. Are we f**** or they somehow find a solution and implement the PAY / TENX tokens into the new system.

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Works well in Safari as well.

I really don’t think they just gonna close the door to everyone supporting them over the years. Maybe a rebranding of the current token/token’s or some kind of airdrop of the new token would be the right way to do it. Time will tell and soon we will all know for sure. Let’s pray together :slight_smile:

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First, I want to say that I really much like the idea. The website looks also great.
Second, they will for sure find a way to let everyone participate. The employees holding huge stakes of Tokens and ignoring the people who fund the company might also be not a good idea.

Looking forward to hear more about.

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remember: „PAY will be the preferred currency in our ecosystem“. even the „insider“ confirmed the token will be spendable but didn’t say something about the benefits using it :slight_smile:

who are you quoting here?

I‘m quoting TenX: (Q2 transparency report)

„the PAY Token will be treated as our preferred currency in our ecosystem of services.

This step to finalize the transition of PAY into a decentralized cryptocurrency will allow us to add the PAY Token to our services faster, as we previously had to take a strict stance on insider trading and market manipulation, which slowed down the addition of the PAY Token to our core services. As PAY transitions into a decentralized currency, it will be a default option for all services that we launch in the future„


You are so optimistic, quoting something from Q2 2020 and use it in Q1 2021.
How good is TenX’s track record in promising things?

At least nice if the PAY Token will gain some value in this way, can’t imagine what kind of value the TenX Token will gain out of this at this point. Maybe some % of distributed yield will go towards the TenX Token holders? It’s basically a ST so rather difficult to handle compliance wise compared to the PAY Token. Let’s see sounds nice tho

Am I the only one raising red flags, looking at this new website? There’s no official statement made yet about this being TenX newest project whatsoever. One of the things I noticed was the wrongly spelled ‘Singapoure’ at the bottom. These kind of mistakes seem too unprofessional to be made for a company like TenX… Screenshot_2021-01-15-09-01-38-075_com.android.chrome|225x500

@Tenebrae Can you officially confirm that this website actually belongs to TenX?

As I see it the PAY token has never had any “real” value since it was created. However, the TENX Token actually had a real value since it was paying out dividends in form of reward. The TENX token has the features that PAY should have when they launched it. That’s why they airdropped one to one of the TENX token. IMO, I rather see that the TENX token is the one that gains traction here. Everyone invested in PAY did it mainly for the dividend/rewards the token should generate and this is what the TENX token should do.

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Somewhere it says “Bullshit” :smiley:

Totally agree, I am curious on how it is implemented on protocol level as well as how the incentive structure is build up.

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