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TenX Becomes World’s First ICO Funded Company To Be Granted an E-Money Licence

Read about our latest press release here:



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Ok, so Tenx is ICO funded. It is good Tenx is aware of it.

Does tenx understand its obligations to ppl who funded it. Are you aware that shares of ICO participatin droped in value 80%.
Not carring about ppl who funded you seems very ungrateful.
Saying that you dont care what is value of our ICO shares seems to be very shortsighted. It means you dont care about ppl who funded you. That’s were irresponsible considering you claim to have long term plans.

Do you think anyone will help you, if you ever needs more funding?

Current rewards are paid from value of ICO participation shares - value of tokens in circulation.
As you noticed the piece of pie you can cut off from value is rapidly shrinking.
Stop paying empty rewards from yours investors tokens value. Use income from volume, before you destroy company and any value left.

Didnt you notice you lost 80m usd? Those actions hurts both funders and company. Start acting with responsibility before it is too late.

Yoy might have notice there was no trust gain when you reported EMI license ( no possitive reaction in value changes). Why do you refuse to understand what is important.

Without customers you are nothing. No customer will put money in trustless company.

Pay token value is representation of trust.

No one cares what you achieve if you don’t value those who helped get you there.

This is a big… look we took your money and are spending it, just ignore everything we promised you.

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I was one of these ICO investors, lucky to be part of the first minutes that the ICO was active. I invested 25 ETH to get the extra card (never seen). Later on, I added another 75 ETH to buy more PAY (during 2017). Now, the PAY value has got down so much (against ETH value or USD) that it is embarrassing. For more than 2 years I have been hoping for a real Value model. Julian promised me (in email, still have it), that Tenx would pay out ETH as reward (if you hold Tenx token). This is also not true anymore. BIG BIG BIG problem is that there is no Value Model behind PAY. Why would somebody buy PAY token? For Loyalty points? A very tiny Use case. My trust has gone down dramatically. I can only hope for a miracle that Tenx will start to treat their original ICO investors in the right way. Start with paying out in ETH as reward, that would be a great step forward. Of course, launching Services globally is another must, as long as Tenx token holders can benefit as well.

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Are you aware that paying rewards in ETH will instantly make value of PAY go to 0?
Right now there is still some chance that in future, tenx will have to buy PAY from market and it’s value will increase.
If they started paying in ETH, there would be no hope for PAY token - it would be useless for everybody.
Currently Tenx needs PAY tokens to pay rewards.
If even Tenx doesn’t need it - who would buy it?

Better earning some real ETH, than getting paid in PAY that has no Value model (other than some vague potential loyalty points) . Anyone that has invested in Tenx, was expecting some real return on investment, not getting paid back in some loyalty points… That is like a middle finger to the original ICO investors,

Why don’t you just sell pay and get ETH? USD Value of PAY you get will be exactly the same as value of the ETH you would get.
Rewards worth 5usd, is not really worth the trouble… so who cares.

That is not the topic or issue. The real issue is that (a) PAY has no Value model and (b) as investor you want to get more than just “loyalty points”. If PAY has no value, exchanging it for ETH, still means no value (or extreme low). What was promised, is sharing of the Transaction income (so not sharing of Profit). Theoretically, if Tenx gets profitable, it would be great to share in this as well, but of course, not by getting paid in low-value loyalty points. If Tenx would solve that PAY gets more Use cases and a real Value model behind it, then PAY could be an option, but this seems not possible on sort term.

Basically TenX screwed everything involved in the ICO. Especially if you were in the US