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Support refusing to withdraw funds and close account

Been fighting with support for a long time now trying to withdraw my funds and to close my account. I’ve already KYC’d in the past yet they’re asking me to KYC again and now they’re delaying past the April 1st deadline. Anyone else experiencing the same as well?

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If the KYC requirements changes we have to do KYC again. That is normal. In other services, you can most likely notice it with just a little update on one thing.
So, if I understand you correctly that you didn’t do the new KYC, I assume as soon as you do the KYC it will be solved really quickly, there is no way around it, unfortunately.

You can DM me here your ticket number and I will talk internally about it.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I’m not seeing an option to drop you a DM, perhaps you can send me one and I can reply to it?

DM’d you, you should have a notification in the top right corner or DM me on telegram if you use it, that’s probably easier: @Thomas_Mimo