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Suggestion for "Manage saved cards"

“Manage saved cards” in the TenX app currently only allows you to delete a card and nothing else. We should be able to really manage them. Most of all what I’m looking for is the ability to give cards a name. This is really handy for people (like me) who have many different ones. By clicking on a saved card you should be able to:

  • Edit the card details like when the cvc changed after a replacement.
  • Give the card a custom name so it’s more personal and better recognised.
  • Delete the card completely.

Also currently the only option to save new cards is by buying BTC. Why not add that to the same UI. On the main screen you should be able to:

  • Add a new card without going through the whole “Buy BTC” process.
  • Reorder the cards by name or manually by dragging them up and down after tapping “Sort”.


At a later stage this UI could even be updated to “Manage payment methods” because why limit it to cards? Services like iDeal (NL) and PayPal allow profiles to be saved for even more easier payments.


Yes my card will be expiered and I can not change the date so, a change will be nice.