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Hi @Tenebrae
Could you please give us a roadmap ?
It’s time to be serious.

Hi community
A propose to all to put on :heart: If you are agree with that.
According to you, how can we force TenX to give us clear informations ?


Hey @Enjoz

Since we are working on new products and didn’t even release the first parts or showed what we are actually working on it is a little bit too early to publish a roadmap. A big part of one project will involve the community but the basic structure has to be in place first.


Still now no roadmap, when I can see? I can not read anything about tenx, I can not talk what is next? You must change somthing and also in other media… . what is with your Marketing? It is not live now, you must change your point of view! Now nobody is focus tenx. Is that you want to operate in crypto space ?