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Can I get help with the smart contract of tenx to receive reward, I do not find out my mistake, why do it not work with gas 50k.

I have send 0 ETH to tenx smart contract adress with 50k gas. The transaction is showing failed. 2 times in the past it has worked I have change nothing. It is not userfrindly no help on your webpage or FAQ you must do something!

Do you have ETH on the address to use it for the gas? Also try please with 100k gas, but it should work.

I will try it again but to pay 0,8€ transaction fees (now) to get 3,5€ rewards in my case I will perhaps waiting at a later point.

90% of TenX-Token holders Pay more transaction fee then becoming value back from the reward

So how many tenx token you must own to spend with 0€ fees in tenx ecosystem? I have 2,05€ fees when I buy 50€ BTC in tenx app so with 20k tenx token it is possible to spend 50€ with tenx visa when you buy those 50€ in tenx app? I can not do this calculation it is just my impression.

I must sell the reward I get in PAY token on a exchange that support PAY token to get back the fees of 2,05€. So it will not work this ecosystem right now for me??
I can not understad how this can be worked like this. My objectiv was spend crypto with 0€ fees with tenx visa card, right now it is not possible. Far away from cash-back.