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Rewards + transparency report tomorrow?

@Tenebrae everything on track to release this tomorrow as planned?

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At the moment Wednesday is planned, of course it is not optimal because of rewards amount topic. If the next time it will be also a little later I will suggest to separate them.

Rewards i am not car about just what is next!

Well rewards are obviously viewable on the smart contract, so we’ll see even if you’re late :slight_smile: Just checking!

I have just try the tenx dapp for get rewards, but also to put the gas to 50k it will not work, I am disappointed.

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@Tenebrae Please bring us the answers (and gas) :slight_smile: today’s the day!

Edit: damn that’s fast! https://tenx.tech/blog/q2-2020-transparency-report

Discussion can go further in it’s own topic :slight_smile: Q2 2020 Transparency Report

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