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Referral rewards


We will include more and more people going forward. It’s still in the early stage with focusing on testing and finding bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

So basically his 4.10 EUR fee gets reimbursed and he gets 90 cents. It’s a nice feature if you have lots of friends, but I rather recommend them a cheaper way to buy crypto :slight_smile: would be better to give both 5 euros when the referee orders a card instead.

A potential use case for PAY-token tenx has missed, but for most user referral in BTC will be more likely I can understand but you can put a choice for having cash-back in PAY?
I want to give a purpos: If I bring a new user to tenx I will have back the purcase that I has make for the tenx visa card, so tenx can grow and new user can get visa card for 50% or get a welcome. That is a real win-win I can use tenx for free, tenx can grow and the visa card for new user is cheaper but not free.

Now I have see in the app, looks very cool. Nice. Good work. I will try it.

I have try the new funktion but it do not work my frind can not login as new user he has this screen.