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Referral rewards


We will include more and more people going forward. It’s still in the early stage with focusing on testing and finding bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

So basically his 4.10 EUR fee gets reimbursed and he gets 90 cents. It’s a nice feature if you have lots of friends, but I rather recommend them a cheaper way to buy crypto :slight_smile: would be better to give both 5 euros when the referee orders a card instead.

A potential use case for PAY-token tenx has missed, but for most user referral in BTC will be more likely I can understand but you can put a choice for having cash-back in PAY?
I want to give a purpos: If I bring a new user to tenx I will have back the purcase that I has make for the tenx visa card, so tenx can grow and new user can get visa card for 50% or get a welcome. That is a real win-win I can use tenx for free, tenx can grow and the visa card for new user is cheaper but not free.

Now I have see in the app, looks very cool. Nice. Good work. I will try it.

I have try the new funktion but it do not work my frind can not login as new user he has this screen.

yesterday i recieved an e-mail from you guys about the referral program and why i haven’t referred the app to somebody.

this was also discussed way earlier, a lot of times. but here we go again:
the concept of tenx right now is a “one way street”.
you can’t get out of crypto unless you spend it or use another service.

the ONLY reason to use tenx right now is if you want to spend BTC.
so, the only people using tenx right now are the ones who already HAVE good amounts of crypto, and they can easily spend some of their gains.

nobody has any reason to buy crypto and instantly spend it. it’s expensive and it simply makes no sense.
just for buying tenx is also not the best solution.

think about WHY people should use tenx. think about what you personally want to see.
sending out e-mails to everybody who hasn’t referred tenx after a few weeks, to do a survey to help you understand why, is again a sign you guys have no plan where to go.

can you pls just move on and make tenx #nextlevel?

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But the Bitpanda Token BEST does not perform so well either. It’s probably because of the card they don’t have :wink:

Tenx must do better marketing, if you compare different crypto card companies you can find out that tenx is not bad. Security, Limits, Spend without manualy converting, Fees(no monthly fees), and the joker is comit. The referral is like the most tenx in app fonction not sophisticated, but if you can wait until IBAN integration and more cryptocurrencies supported, tenx can be leader.

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I took part in the survey and my answer was that i do not recommend TenX to friends until the communication to us gets better. It´s ridiculous how we are begging for answers, progress and even a simple roadmap for the coming months.


The joker is COMIT? Sorry COMIT is a great concept but again: There is no perspective how and when this solution will ever be ready. Just hopium and dreams.

Did tenx not make the swap BTC-ETH with comit?
Also PAY-ETH is possible with comit.
I do not know exactly no communication, perhaps is secret because of competitors.
You can not find out on tenx homepage you must do research.
If it is true the TENX token holder can get rewards or cash back IN THE TENX APP (in the future) if they are in the smart contract (sing message or claiming process) and they could have the choice for get rewards in BTC or ETH or PAY. Is my reflexion about this but no roadmap no information no changelog no reflexion on blog forum…
I know it is not the right chanel but I have try the referral fonction (send Email in the app) and it doesn’t work for a newbie (I will try it again later) so no choice I wait…