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Reasons not excuses

Cards in the US aren’t even on the roadmap to ship. Is this because of a regulatory hurdle? Or simply a choice TenX has made?

Addition of Other wallet tokens? If you have BTC, LTC, then doge should take little effort. If you have ETH, why not some ERC20 tokens specifically PAY and TenX? The technical skill to do this has already been proven based on the tokens currently available? Or did you lose the programmer who can do this? I actually don’t care too much, TenX is more proof Bitcoin is the only solution.

How will ETH 2.0 effect TenX and Pay tokens, wallets, cards, etc? Seems like you build your idea on a house of cards. When ETH fails, do you already have the infrastructure built onto blockstreams liquid platform so you can migrate? Obviously your wallet stuff in not effected just the rewards tokens.

Are your copyright strikes on YouTube from Julian?