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Q2 2020 Transparency Report

I am concerned with the fact that the new CEO is a programmer, and not a clear CEO profile with core skills in strategy, partnership building and leadership etc…We will see…but I am not getting my hopium pipe stuffed with this CEO news.

Exactly, wow he co-founded a ICO crypto company. Much experience.

Also, no word on Yana’s departure. I’m guessing this CEO decision had something to do with it. Maybe I’m wrong, but all we can do is guess right :wink:


You are pretty fast with judging people without knowing them or what they achieved. You will hear more from him.

Yana was a consultant with us in the past and had her own company. She will be focusing solely on running her own business. Alvin is still a part of TenX btw.


Well I judge people on their current/prior jobs/achievements, so yeah. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all that, but you need lots of experience to capably run a 50+ team and a fintech company. Not 3 years as you described in the blogpost. You need people like Yana at the front.

The tone in her blogposts on Linkedin (which have been edited right now to remove this) showed a lack of trust and acknowledgement in her role in the company, especially her ‘boss’, which isn’t atypical to Toby. So no, don’t say her period just ended, either she quit or was fired.

The company feels like it’s being run in dictatorship. Why do you think they gave company shares to the employees instead of the shareholders? Looks like a good idea on paper, but the truth is nobody of the employees is going to take a vote against decisions the management team makes, as they would fear for their job. They now have 0 critical voices on every decision they make. Except for me, but I can only rant in here :wink:

No word on EU expansion for instance, no word on PAY utility (other than offering it in the app), …


Hopefully he will help TenX make a great partnership with Indonesian based financial service provider LinkAja and Vimo (Telcoin whom he was founder of made partnership with them just before he moved to TenX).

In general it seems that Telcoin has been good at all related to partnership establishment - something that TenX has NOT been good at. Hopefully we are here getting in a CEO that will make things happen for TenX in the arena of meaningful and mutually benificial partnerships.

Also - it seems that Claude Eguienta at Telcoin also had the remittance theme in focus - and here often Africa is a focus area - TenX is not present there, so my humble hope is that Claude will help TenX get a good foothold on that market to offer their services and grow fast.

Welcome Claude - please proof to us that you are the right profile for TenX. Learning the above, I hope that you Claude are the key to these partnership connections. That would add a little hopium to the very hungry hopium pipe I have here :o)


Well said, Endurance!

Fingers crossed!

The TenX vault shouldn’t have weak hands. Also, I would advise against selling tokens below ICO-price, that would be fueling FUD. The current PAY market cap (6M) is crazy.

@Tenebrae will we See the new ceo more often then the old one in news/vids?

I mean TenX was everywhere with a lot of free advertisement a few years ago and the last and present year TenX disappear completely … the CEO only appear if there was no other option!

motionless adventurers

He’ll work on a lot of internal stuff first, we’ll see. But I think that AMA’s etc. may happen again in the future.
Also if you look at the transparency report, compared to the last ones before, you can already notice some differences when it comes to details. :slightly_smiling_face: