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Q1 Transparancy report


Thomas, when may we expect the 2021 Q1 Transparancy report being shared with the community?

Can we expect to see some prove of life (no-one has seen of heard anything of him) from the new CEO Claude sharing the new 2021 Tenx vision with the community or is he just with Tenx to be in order with regulations?

Looking forward to see something happening… Seems that all altcoins are moving but Tenx stays dead. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Soon, I think we work on new products and will release it maybe.

Our CEO Claude will share his Vision or whatever, whenever he feels to do it, please watch your words in the future as I don’t allow any harassment of TenX employees.

btw: If you want to have a good glimpse of the strong vision and ambition of our new CEO you can check his track record of very successful Projects

hey, do you have a link where we can check out his track record?


I searched him at Linkedin, you can find his past projects there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudeeguienta/

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For the time being, Claude is only focusing on the company because there is enough to do there. Transforming an entire company, starting with branding, products, compliance, employees and many other things. On a high level he is of course also involved in the community strategy but so far you don’t see that. Once the fundamentals are in place and we start rolling out our new stuff, you will see a difference.


to be fair, you said exactly the same thing a year ago, and even before there were “big changes” to be expected, but they never came.

why does tenx miss every goal, why don’t you use dates like christmas to reconnect with community?
there is just silence… do u think people won’t remember that behavior?


thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

i don’t see whats special about his cv.

tenx isn’t even mentioned on linkedin and telcoin is his old project, which he left in a hurry.

what do i miss?

Regarding your first comment, I hope with the new direction and products we can prove otherwise :slight_smile:

I assume he adds that as soon as we will publish our rebranding.


will the tokens play a role?
are employees still paid in pay?

is there anything to be expected in 2021?

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Should be. The company is Foundet with a ico. alias token money. When something negative happend to the tokens(and i dont mean the catastrophal Performance until now)that Would be a robbery to all contributers from my view. I Would go farer and say that should not even be a question