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Positive vibes, the future looks great

Hi there,
I‘m new to crypto, new to TenX.

I just wanted to say, that the future for this company looks not as bad as you portray it. They have funds, licenses, an app, in some countries even a credit card. Crypto, to most of the worlds inhabitants, is still new, exiting and frightening. The macroeconomic change that is happening is to vast for me to even imagine the impact it would have on our way of life.

The question is if TenX wants to contribute to making this world better or if they want to sit on their asses until the funds are run dry.

To me, it seems the following way: toxic leaders, without the needed competences and capabilities, have run teams to the ground. Painful mistakes were made and the reaction of the public has severely damaged what was left. As a result, like a hurt Hedgehog, TenX rolled itself to a spiky ball first and then retrieved for the purpose of healing.

If TenX has had and will be/has been able to find again this bright leading star, the company’s vision, then they will be able to formulate their mission. Once they have their mission, TenX can strap the boots and commence to again climb up the mountain they fell off.

Question remains: What is next for TenX?

Changing a company culture takes a hell of a lot of time. Finding great leaders takes time. Overcoming politics and restructuring in meaningful ways takes time. Creating great solutions takes time. That TenX is not focusing on marketing, might a reason to believe TenX is not lost. If TenX has the profound desire to create and not to consume, to shape and to contribute, then they might be able to be part of this movement that grants the world what it, in my opinion, deserves: freedom and independence from manipulation.

A thought I had while scrolling through this forum: you guys who lost with investing in TenX are expressing so much pain. You might be better off cutting the bonds. If I was an Investor that would still be hurt by the losses, I would dump all my holdings immediately and never again think of TenX. There are many great investment opportunities, why spend time and energy with an investment that always reminds to painful losses? This will only hinder you to grow further and find investments that you enjoy and that will bring you wealth. Only stay if this company is not hurting you anymore!

I will have this company on my radar, it is an interesting story.

To TenX:
May you be able to bring innovation to the world and create great value for your customers.
May you be able to give the people you hurt what they need to heal.
May you be able to re-build a community that is what it is supposed to be. An inspired and inspiring mass of fans that share positive vibes and enjoy their interaction with each other, the company and, as a community, with the outer space.
And one thing that I believe needs to be said: thanks for the card, I‘ll try it out. But I also own cdc‘s card, so maybe expect sharp constructive criticism. ;D

To Investors:
May you be able to keep a clear and razorsharp mind that is not impacted by your historic losses. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading. Keep well.

Positive vibes and kind regards,
the warrior of the light


Nice sales pitch. Let’s first see the new products and see if they have learned from their (many) mistakes. Because so far they have a very bad track record of doing so.


Is this Text generated with OpenAi and GPT-3? …Just asking…xD

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New to crypto and new to TenX, never shed any tears yet, can’t blame his optimism.

Remind him in 2 years


Hi @thelight and welcome! :slight_smile:
Fair analysis and I also share your opinion on many points. I would wait a little longer with the evaluation of the card, there will be some changes in the short and long term.


haha nope. It‘s scrambled together on my phone, during a late night train ride (to my favorite city btw).

But I won’t review it for a fourth time. I find it authentic - even with some bumpy syntax haha.

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Thanks for the welcome!

Please do not worry, I will certainly not hurt the spiky ball you seem to be any more.
Constructive means constructive, you won’t ever receive negative feedback concerning your product from me.

But in case I fall in love with a feature of your competition, I think I won’t be able keep my mouth shut ;)!

After all that’s what a community of a project is supposed to do.

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Thinking rationally, I like it! Second your mention.
I‘m eager to see where we‘re heading.

If you could go into a little more detail about who you meant by “to me, it seems the following way: toxic leaders, without the needed competences and capabilities, have run teams to the ground”. We would all like to hear it from a newcomer and please don’t hold back :slight_smile:

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I prepared a long analysis but I hated the vibes it spread. Also it brought no new value. So I deleted it. :slight_smile:

But I still want to answer your question therefore, here just a short resume of the interpretations I came to:
The fact that and way of stepping down of JH and some glassdoor reviews gave me reason to believe that TenX lacked in terms of Unity of Command and Unity of Direction, Subordination of Individual Interests to the General Interest (this includes managers), Stability of Tenure of Personnel, Scalar Chain, Initiative, Discipline, Equity and Esprit de Corps. Such deficits never come from the team but always from the top. Also the performance always reflects the organizational setup - look at Toto Wolff and Mercedes in Formula 1.

There is just more to a functioning corporation (even to a startup) than cash, drive, tech and marketing.

But!!! To me it seems that changes are being made. They are still here and I interprete that they are still here for a reason and not to just sit on their asses. And do not forget - all these things are able to be learned and there is a good chance their painful experience has lead them towards “enlightenment”.

Having a degree and general interest in Business&Management, I find this company very interesting and am eager to see the hypothesis I made to be confirmed.

And pretty please never make me focus on the bad stuff again. :smiley:


Hey Tenebrae, maybe ur right.
If the card is gone for the foreseeable future it makes no sense to write how great I find features of others.

I’ll be gone for some time therefore but expect me checking for u next year again.
Until then I wish you all the success!

See u :wave:t3: :blush:


Hey thelight, I hope you’re right. There is a small issue in your reasoning. Some raving fans have been waiting since 2017, so you can understand their position.


why nobody is caring about the community?
no christmas wishes, no greetings, no updates.

just nothing but censoring and deleting critics.


what is it with all the rumors about the island?

why nobody is managing all the social stuff in a good way and tell people what tenx is about?
and why does the website still say that there is a functioning product, when there isn’t?
what’s happening?

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I was also thinking about zero Christmas wishes and nothing :smiley: :smiley: this is so embarrassing that I am feeling shame for this company

about the mansion on the island. common has anybody thought that Tobi would not make it like this? He wants to enjoy his millions, hired a new CEO who will get all loads of Shi* from us. and his head does not need to worry. I have seen this coming as toby has still been there. I was frequently asking if he got burnout or something like that - of course not and few months later he stepped back :smiley:

The best reason to laugh is actually the new CEO. Just go and read in their telecoin reddit channel.
Its beyond pathetic how Claude left the Project (read Up their reddit and build up your own opinion) and now this guy is the CEO of TenX :smiley: Where did Tobi found this guy like for real hahahah

I dont know anymore who in this *community" it was, but someone said the only reason he is In this “community” is to hold them accountable for all the shit they have done and i kinda see myself in the same position.

Its fun to guess and see Where this project is going, If anyone honestly is considering this project to be something down the road is on drugs. No matter how much money they are sittting on, that alone does not make a success story by any means.