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Please, NO MiMo

There was one guy here the other day who suggested that TenX might rebrand to MiMo (money in, money out).

Not sure if that is true or not, but in my opinion, TenX shouldn’t change their name.

What do you guys think of the rebranding?

I actually think it’s a good brand name for this kind of service.

MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) technology exploits multi-path to provide higher data throughput, and simultaneous increase in range and reliability all without consuming extra radio frequency. It solves two of the toughest problems facing any wireless technology today, speed and range.

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meanwhile I think rebrand with the name is better. anybody who has ever heard about TenX tells you bad stuff things…
if they have sufficient funds why not starting a new company like others everyday right? This time a working product MIGHT be a good thing for the future :smiley:


and here more to find: https://uspto.report/TM/90283251

“Primairy international class: fire-extinguishing apparatus” :fire::thinking::wink:

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Perhaps TenX stays as the company name, and mimo is only called one of their services.

guess so

You know, things will get hot when they release the new platform :wink:

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Mimo sounds nice. Like yo what’s up with mimo the hero, well he is on :fire: