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Paypal accepted

This is great news for adoption!

but ist it great news for tenx?

if paypal (and other big players) really offer the gate to crypto, why would anyone use tenx?

Good point. Maybe if TenX could add some savingsprogram-utility to PAY?

if you read the transparency report there are no new things in the foreseeable horizon regarding PAY, rather than making it ‘decentralized’ whatever that means. The only explanation I can give it is that they want to get rid of their own PAY stock.

The reason they give themselves (insider trading etc) is a very difficult one, as they do state they will buy PAY from the market. As PAY is tied to the company success, they can manipulate their buying/selling behaviour based on insider knowledge anyway. (if they have bad news, they can wait until after it has been delivered to buy in). Only way to counter this would be to determine the rewards each quarter and buy the daily amount of rewards every day (automated) spread over the quarter. Any other way would be subject to insider trading imo.

In the past they talked about converting PAY to shares in the company, but seems like now they already went ahead and distributed the shares to their employees. The fact that they don’t even mention PAY utility is baffling to me.

everybody should just look up the new CEO to get a sense of what’ll happen in the future with tenx.
there are plenty videos, interviews and AMA’s online, although most content is at least 1 year old.

i did not watch all of it, but enough to recognize the story with telcoin went almost exactly like the story of tenx, so far.

hope, soon & NDA’s.


Regarding timelines, PAY utility comes after EU-expansion, right @Tenebrae?