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Pay distribution

does tenx enterprise buys pay token for the daily distribution? does tenx distribute from their pile? how is it done?

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Hi Crypto1,

Quote from Toby:

On PAY rewards:

We do buy PAY tokens as part of our treasury operations when we consider the price is good as we have a continuous need for PAY tokens: for now that’s employee bonuses as well as TENX token rewards. That said, as part of our group’s treasury activities, we buy only in accordance with our established trading policies with no intention of market interference or disruption.

Sharing details on the calculation of the rewards is difficult as our competitors will be able to gather our level of market share. They can use this information to determine our overall strategy.

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I recommend to read the AMA with Toby, i know there are a lot of posts :smiley: but it is definitely worth :slight_smile: