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Password in trydiscourse

More secure password is just annoying, it is not really important site. If i want password like 7748293882 i should be allowed to have it.

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Although this is just a forum, i am an advocate for strong passwords across all accounts and platforms on the internet; it’s a good practice to get in to!


Use strong password if you like but dont force me.

pon., 15 kwi 2019, 15:36 użytkownik Joshua Rankin via TenX Community Forum tenxforum@discoursemail.com napisał:

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Generally I strongly advice you to use different passwords for each website. Since you cant remember that many passwords you will have to use a password manager. Using such it doesnt matter how long or random the password has to be.
Conclusion: Consider using a password manager :slight_smile:


I am not a kid, and not asking advices. And not everyone on every device can use soft to store passwords, nor they need to trust such a software.
Enforcing multi type char passwords is just stupid. itismyverystrongpasswirdiliketiuse is much harder to crack than 123@#$blabla. Still stronger pass is not allowed here. Anyway i don’t need super strong pass for not the most relevant site in my life. I like ti use passords 883459923 for irrelevant sites about which i dint care if pass is stolen.

Current pass policy is useless not logical and just annoying.

pon., 15 kwi 2019, 17:59 użytkownik themk via TenX Community Forum tenxforum@discoursemail.com napisał:

um… this is crypto currency, you should know password strength is determined more by total characters not by using special characters. Requirements for special characters actually narrow the attack as the attacker would just write a script to always require the minimum special characters, caps, numbers etc. that basically eliminates every possible option that doesn’t use special characters narrowing an attack.

More importantly we all know the attacker will get your password via a phone call from a TenX support agent named Toby in Singapore, because that’s going to sound legit to someone.

I also have no idea what your talking about, just found these forums.