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Overview Cost and Current Value in the App

My current Use Case of the TenX card is to buy BTC for everyday life
and spend it when the price went up.

If you buy BTC more often now (if you think the price won’t get lower again)
you quickly lose track of what percentage you are in plus or minus.

Therefore I would be glad if there would be an overview for
“Cost” and “Current Value” plus a display in percent for “Current Change”,
as for example like shown in the CoinTracking App.

Then I could always see at a glance whether it is suitable for me to pay with the TenX card.

I think that for many people it is a good incentive to spend money when they can see what percentage they are currently in the plus.

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Perhaps a overview in a Rubric like “portfolio” that will Show all your tenx amount will be cool, and if you have the ability to put other amount of exchange or Leder account mannually in is also cool, or make the “gesamtguthaben” clickable.

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